Status: Warrior
Current: StarClan
Past: None
Kit: Brightkit
Apprentice: Brightpaw
Mother: Stonefeather
Father: Leopardblaze
Mate: None
Sister(s) Silverfrost, Creekfern
Brother(s): Beartooth
Living: The Day the Earth Went Cold
Dead: The Day the Earth Went Cold
FanClan Information
FanClaned By: None

Brightpaw is a handsome gray and white tom with amber eyes


As a kit, I was always positive about things. My mother named my Brightkit because of that and the fact that I was very bright and pleasent. When I was a kit, my sister, Creekkit, and I would always go over to the elder's den to listen to their stories about TigerClan, LionClan, and LeopardClan. I was always fascinated by these stories. Creekkit would always stand in the corner, with the smell of fear rising from her. My older siblings, Silverfrost and Beartooth, would always visit me and Creekkit. We would play together in the warm sandy ground of our camp. My mother would always say that the sun shined brighter when I stepped into it's mighty rays. Before I became an apprentice, I wanted to be given to Beartooth. My sister wanted Silverfrost. My mother told us that kin couldn't apprentisize kin. My hopes died. By then I wanted Mudfang. He was the strongest cat in PebbleClan, although very grumpy and arrogant. But I could handle that. The next day I was given to Mudfang. I beamed with joy. My sister was given to Sandyshore, one of the most arrogant cat in all the Clans. I felt pity for her, but I was glad she was given to someone that would push into being a strong, loyal cat.

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