This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Leafwhisker
This page contains the allegiances for the Unnamed series.
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Leader: Firestar - A ginger tom with green eyes.

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather - A grey tabby tom with blue eyes.


Leader: Blackstar - A white tom with black paws.

Medicine Cat: Littlecloud - A small black and white tom.


Leader: Onestar - A brown tabby tom.

Medicine Cat: Kestrelflight - Mottled tom.


Leader: Mistystar - A blur-furred she-cat with blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: Mothwing - A golden she-cat.

Queen: Duskfur - A brown tabby she-cat.

Kit: Brownkit - A dark-brown she-kit with amber eyes. (One moon old)

Kit: Russetkit - A dark-brown tom with green eyes. (One moon old)

Queen: Mosspelt - A tortoiseshell she-cat.

Kit: Splashkit - A black tom with blue eyes. (5 moons old)

Kit: Cloudkit: - A grey she-kit with yellow eyes. (5 moons old)

Adopted Kit: Leafkit - A light grey tabby she-kit with bright green eyes. (Kit of Petalfur; One and a half moons old)

Adopted Kit: Streamkit - A grey she-kit with white spots and blue eyes. (Kit of Petalfur; One and a half moons old)

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