Blazeheart- W2
Status: Warrior
Current: MoonClan
Past: BoneClan
Kit: Blaze, Blazekit
Apprentice: Blazepaw
Warrior: Blazeheart
Mother: Day
Father: Tiger
Mate: None
Sister(s) Sun
Brother(s): Eagle
Living: Rogue's Legacy
Dead: None
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: Millie

Blazeheart is a flame-coloured she-cat with deep emerald green eyes.


Rouge's LegacyEdit

Blazepaw is seen as a young apprentice in MoonClan. Her mentor is Quickstar. She is about to have her final assessment before she becomes a full warrior of MoonClan, as well as her sister Nightpaw, whom she is very close to.

On her hunting assessment, Blazepaw catches a large crow, which she is sure will make her a warrior. She comes across a strange cat- a BoneClan rouge who calls himself Eagle and claims to be her brother. The shocking truth is revealed: Blazepaw is the daughter of a rouge and she also has a sister called Sun. Eagle says he will meet her again the next day at dusk.

Blazepaw has her warrior ceremony later that day and becomes Blazeheart. Nightpaw becomes Nightbreeze, and the two cats sit vigil.

Blazeheart meets Eagle that day, who says that Day is their mother and Tiger is their father. He explains how she was smuggled out of BoneClan as a newborn kit. He also brings the sad news that their mother is dead, but they must finish a task that she left them to do. They are interrupted by Ember who escorts Eagle back to BoneClan. Blazeheart hides while he does.


Mother: Day

Father: Tiger

Sister: Sun

Adopted sister: Nightbreeze

Adopted mother: Creekshine

Adopted father: Darktail

Brother: Eagle

Half sisters: Meadow, Brook, Mouse


  • Blazeheart has ForestClan blood because her mother, Day, was a ForestClan cat.
  • She has been mistakenly described as a flame-coloured tabby she-cat.

Character ArtEdit

Blazeheart- Apprentice
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