Annoying the Warriors

Author: Graceglow
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Find out how to annoy the Warriors.

Chapter One: Getting Firestar to exile you (51 reasons) Edit

1. Hide Sandstorm.

2. Kill Squirrelflight and Leafpool

3. Dress up as Tigerstar, show up and look at his face

4. Tell him Scourge is actually still alive and he was who killed his daughters

5. Call him Rusty every chance you get

6. Shove him off a gorge and watch him getting deja-vu

7. Dress up as Tigerstar again

8. Then paint his den black

9. Cover the entrance

10. When he wakes up, look at him (in the Tigerstar costume) and tell him he died and went to the Dark Forest

11. Tell him you changed his name to Ilovespottedleafstar and tell Sandstorm he was just pretending to love her

12. Watch Sandstorm kill him.

13. Show him the pictures of Scourge killing him on the internet

14. When he breaks the laptop glue the prints in his den

15. When he claws those down cover Sandstorm in them

16. Watch as he claws Sandstorm and break the news AFTER he's done

17. Tell him that he's a danger to female medicine cats

18. Tell him his grandchildren are 1/3 ThunderClan, 1/3 WindClan, 1/3 kittypet and fully losers

19. Scratch his face and call him Firescar for the rest of his life

20. Get Brambleclaw to tell him he's actually Tigerstar's reincarnation

21. Watch as Firestar kills Brambleclaw, much to the delight of Ashfur (even if he IS dead)

22. Call him a kittypet

23. Call him a ginger

24. Stuff his freshkill with yarrow and mouse bile

25. When he goes to choose freshkill, insist he choose that one

26. Laugh when he needs to go to the medicine cat's den for a moon

27. Tell him Clawface came back from the dead and killed Sandstorm

28. Call him Rustystar

29. Sing the song that never ends (This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends.....)

30. Get Dustpelt to sing the song that never ends

31. Insist it's his birthday and sing Happy Birthday really loud all day

32. Call him Garfield

33. When he asks who that is, tap your nose, when he turns away, turn around and gesture "fat" to Sandstorm

34. Tell him to dig up the freshkill you buried at the Owl Tree and laugh as he digs up an owl pellet

35. Paint him blue and tell him he'd been destroyed by water, just like Bluestar

36. Tell him he's dead and the whole Clan experience had been a hallucination

37. Ask him why he hasn't burned yet

38. Call him Tigerstar and insist it's opposite day

39. Tell him SkyClan broke up again and he needs to go back

40. Tell him he's lived too long

41. Tell Sandstorm he thinks she's fat, and never loved her

42. Watch as Sandstorm claws Firestar

43. Ask him if he loves Mistystar

44. When he says no, insist that isn't what Mistystar told you

45. Watch as Bluestar comes down from StarClan and slaps him

46. Go to the forthcoming battle with RiverClan

47. Ask Mistystar if she loves Firestar

48. When she says no, insist that isn't what Firestar said

49. Sit back and watch the two leaders fight

50. Tell him The Three are really just a publicity stunt for ThunderClan

51. Tell the whole clan to sing the Barney theme sone really loud

Chapter Two: Rawr! Tigerstar!Edit

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