Created by: Silver

Song: Angel In The Night

Artist: Basshunter

Note: BramblexHazel thing again only this is Bramblepaw's song.

Characters: Hazelpaw and Bramblepaw from It All Begins

Bold and italics = story

Italics = lyrics


"Hazelpaw," Bramblepaw paused and looked around, as if he were searching for some hidden cat. "it's just... I really like you Hazelpaw. You are very special to me and my heart skips a beat whenever I'm near you. Please tell me I didn't make a fool of myself!" His green eyes swirled with a new emotion: love. Bramblepaw scooted closer and pressed his body against Hazelpaw's.

You are my light in the dark

You are the beating in my heart

But that is not enough

Will I ever be by your side

Hazelpaw was lost for words, and yet, she found Bramblepaw's presence comforting. "Bramblepaw, I don't know what to say." she admitted. "I never knew..."

Your hair is dancing in the wind

Your eyes are burning up my skin

And I'm so happy when I see

That you are smiling back at me

"Oh, Hazelpaw! You're the light of my life, the heart of my heart." Bramblepaw pressed his muzzle into Hazelpaw's flank.

You're leaving burnmarks on the ground

Thank you StarClan* for what I found

I don't know how

I don't know why

But you're my angel in the night

The night

"Bramblepaw, I love you too." she spoke finaly.

You are my light in the dark

You are the beating in my heart

Let me hold you now

Just like days before you start to cry...

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