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"I am your new leader," meowed a brown and white bulky tom at the Highrock in a deep, menacing voice, "My name is Hawkstar, the new leader of RiverClan!

"Hawkstar, Hawkstar!" yowled the cat below the boulder.

"My first duty as leader is to appoint the new deputy." Hawkstar growled loudly, "My brother, Scaremask, will take over."

The Clan called his name as a large black tom stepped up, his face criss-crossed with crooked scars and he showed his thorn-sharp, yellow teeth, color of the sun and bright as the sun, "Thank you, Hawkstar, brother. And also to my fellow Clanmates. I will be the best deputy I can be."

"Good. Now to--" Hawkstar paused when he heard a painful wail in the nursery. "Silverfur is having her kits!"

Hawkstar, angry that he was distrubed, rushed into the nursery. He saw Seedpelt over Silverfur, Hawkstar's mate. Silverfur was gasping for breath.

"The first one is coming," breathed Seedpelt as Hawkstar watched his mate flop onto the moss, panting. "It's a tom!" Seedpelt cried as the kit made its way to Silverfur's belly, "He is beautiful."

Hawkstar was furious as he saw Silverfur suckling his kit, "Oh, Hawkstar. Isn't our kit lovely?" she murmured.

Hawkstar was very mad now; he leaped onto his kit and unsheathed his claws. He heard Silverfur yowling for him to stop when Hawkstar was ripping his kit apart. Silverfur pounced on Hawkstar, and, not wanting to hurt her, he jumped back. Silverfur, horrified, retreived the kit.

"You murdered our kit!" Silverfur wailed, "You murderer! I hate you! Why did you do this?" Hawkstar blinked and hissed, "He disruppted my meeting."

"Monster." Silverfur murmured an kept repeating it, shaking her head and pressing her soft muzzle against the dead kit.

Hawkstar snorted and leaped onto the Highrock, not looking back or caring. Silverfur calmed down and rubbed her cheek against her son, "Go on," she murmured, cheek dripping with scarlet blood from the kit, "Walk with warriors."