Chapter 1=Edit

Brightpaw walked out of the apprentice's den.

"Let all those cats old enough to catch their own prey,join here beneth Highrock for a clan meeting!"

Brightpaw smiled as she heard her leader's calling.Today was the day.She would finally be a warrior,after twenty moons of training.She walked towards Highrock and sat with her friend Swfitpaw.

Swfitpaw nuged her."Did you know we are going to be warriors today?"He whispered cheerfully. Brightpaw nodded,to nervous to speak.

"We are here today to make one cat a warriror."Brightpaw stated at her leader,Bluestar.Her voice was harsh.

"Cloudpaw,step forward."Bluestar hissed at a small white tom.Cloudpaw walked towards Bluestar and closed his eyes.

"Cloudpaw,do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend this clan even at the cost of your life?"Bluestar spat.

"I do."Cloudpaw answered simply.Brightpaw rolled her eyes.

"Then by the powers of StarClan,I give you your warrior name.Cloudpaw,from this moment on,you should be known as Cloudtail.StarClan honors your courage disbelief in StarClan and we welcome you a full warrior."Bluster growled loudly.Brightpaw sighed.Bluestar had been so upset since Tigerclaw(now Tigerstar) tried to kill her.She also just lost her respect for StarClan.

For some reason,Bluestar jumped down from Highrock,showing the meeting was over.Brightpaw stared at her,confused.Why hadn't she and the other apprentices be made warriors?

"Cloudtail!Cloudtail!Cloudtail!"The clan called out Cloudtail's new name.

"What in StarClan's name is wrong with Bluestar!"Swfitpaw spat."We should have been made warriors too!"

"I know.It's not fair."Brightpaw agreed,feeling jelous.

She decided to coungratle Cloudtail.Brightpaw sighed as she pushed threw the other cats.

"You'll make a great warrior,Cloudtail."She mewed to Cloudtail,trying not to sound sad.

Cloudtail blinked at her and nodded.Then he walked towards his former mentor,Fireheart.

Brightpaw walked towards Swfitpaw.She sighed as she sat next to him. "Let's go back to the den."She hissed softly.

Swfitpaw nodded."Good idea.We must talk."

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